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The Scion Roleplaying Game

Purview puzzlement

The Scion Roleplaying Game


Purview puzzlement

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I'm confused about buying pantheon-specific and special Purviews at character generation.

On p. 138 of Scion: Hero, it says, "Each dot of a pantheon-specific Purview costs four bonus points at character creation." On p. 139, it says, "Each dot of a special Purview a player buys for his character costs four bonus points, provided the Purview is associated with that character's divine parent. Those associated with other gods cost five points per dot."

Now for the question - can a PC buy dots in a pantheon-specific or special Purview with their ten "base" Purview points, or do you have to use bonus points to buy them?

It's always possible I'm missing something, but I'm confused....
  • I don't have the book handy right now, but your 10 boons and epics dots can be used for special and pantheon specific purviews as well as general ones.

    I think the pantheon specific ones work slightly different to the others when using those points though.
  • wingedkami is correct. IIRC Pantheon Specific Purview boons are bought like epic attributes, not the more expensive other boons way.

    I myself HR'd so all dots are one for one, otherwise you punish players for wanting more interesting boons instead of epicing out.
  • Yes, you can buy pantheon specific and special Purviews with your 10 base points for your character's supernatural abilities. The bonus point cost is for cases in which you want more than you've already bought.
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