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The Scion Roleplaying Game

Needed: Group to playtest a Scion: Hero adventure.

The Scion Roleplaying Game


Needed: Group to playtest a Scion: Hero adventure.

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Dark Tower

I am looking for a group of regular tabletop roleplayers, who are willing to run a short evening-length game of Scion: Hero. I have a pre-written adventure, and would like to get a good variety of playtests for the game, across a large board of players.

If you're interested in this, I will send you a copy of a short adventure to run. It's for 3-6 players, and should provide an evening (roughly 4 hours) worth of game-time fun.

Feedback. Specifically, I'm looking for a game report. Basically, tell me what the group did, how you altered the game to fit your group, and how the story turned out.

Basically, I want to see if this system can run a game that's fully 'combat optional'. If this sounds like you might want to try it, drop me a line?

  • I can certainly give it a look. I am not sure how quickly I can run it...I am running a great deal of Scion now. However, I can try to work it in. I should also be able to give you some feedback from eyeballing it...I am pretty used to making the system dance.

    How do you mean 'combat optional'?
  • I recently ran a one-shot game (not scion) for a group of new rpers, and they've been pestering me for another one. They're all in year 12, so they don't have time for regular weekly gaming, so one-shots are the way to go.

    I'd love to be able to give this a run-through with them; this'd be the second game they've ever played, so it should prove interesting.

    Only problem is I can't be quite sure when I'll be able to gather them all together, as homework assignments understandably take precendence for them. It'd hopefully be in the next month or two, but who knows what'll happen? I'd love to read through your adventure in any case, but I'd definitely like to be able to run it for them!

    My email (and msn) is darkpoet__ (@) hotmail (.) com

    you know the deal, remove the brackets and spacing.
  • I run a Scion game at the moment. I'll give your adventure a try, if I can fit it in with the on-going plot.

    My email is susan_mckever (at hotmail dot com)

    (Contact me quick - the next game's on Thursday :-)
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