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The Scion Roleplaying Game

Dai-tengu question

The Scion Roleplaying Game


Dai-tengu question

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Looking at the description of the Dai-tengu in Demigod, I noticed the "Mystic Sensei" power:

"...While studying under a dai-tengu, any martial-arts student (Scion or otherwise) reduces the experience cost for the following Abilities by one point per dot: Brawl, Dodge, Melee and Stealth." (Scion: Demigod, p. 276)

All well and good, but there is no "Dodge" Ability in Scion. :) I'm thinking of substituting either Athletics (which would be the closest analogy, I think) or possibly Thrown (which seems to make sense for the "ninja" vibe the tengu seem to have in numerous representations, at least in pop culture).

Anyone care to opine?
  • You can calculate a character's Dodge, though there is no place for it on the character sheet.

    *nods* Given the way the "mystic sensei" power is worded, though, I'm afraid I might have players saying, "But where's the Dodge Ability on the character sheet?!?" :)

    ...it would reduce the cost of athletics, because that is tied into the dodge score.

    I was sort of figuring on substituting "Athletics" for "Dodge," as well.
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