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November 12th, 2008

Relic Ideas.

Ok so my band of scions is reaching the end of the first story arc in my hero campaign. I have 6 players and I gave them 90 exp to spend at creation as I wanted to get to demi-god quickly but had new players. Well now it's time to hand out some swag for a job well done and here's what I'm thinking of handing out, thoughts are appreciated:

Daughter of Thor: In an old myth Thor once dressed up in drag to marry an ice giant and steal back his hammer. Seriosuly this happened. Well I figured I could give her Thors old pocket book which considering it was suppose to be able to fit Mjornir in it could probably work as your typical bag of holding.

Son of Morrigan: He's playing up the Chaos angle so I thought a long bow that inspired insanity would be neat. Spend a point of legend, hit the target, and for a number of weeks equal to you Legend they suffer a mental disorder of your choice.

Son of Nuada: He wears a cape and a mask. He's a Batman knock off but in good fun. Well I thought I'd modify his cape so that it allows him to glide like a hangglider. That way he can play up the spooky guardian aspect.

Daughter of Isis: What about a book on alchemy. I'd have to make up the effects from scratch but she could start off with meager stuff like minor potions and work her way up as her legend grows. Maybe at first changing a substance into another form it naturally occurs as such as ice into steam for example.

Daughter of Baron Samedi: She's going with the death necromancy gig so I thought about an amulet like on the first Hellboy movie. It could let her find a corpse that would be willing to have a chat with her and answer questions. Death 1 just lets you see what happened to a dead body but amulet with a simple spell would let you get a bit more.

Son of Hachiman: He's all sneaky n stuff trying to break into everything. So I was thinking of a ninja mask that would do stuff like let him listen to police scanners, see infrared, night vision, and thermol signatures. He'd have to switch from one mode to the other of course and it might cost a Legend to do so.

Any of this stuff seem over/under powered? They're gonna be demigods in about 8 games so I gotta get em ready for that. Also they're guaranteed trophies n stuff as well.



September 18th, 2008

Ok lets start te floodgate discussion here that should prove fun. Magerunner and I were debating about which of the Dodekatheon would vote for McCain or Obama. Whats more we started getting into the other pantheons too. Your thoughts are welcome. Personally I say Zeus and Poseidon are liberal and will vote Obama. Hades, Hera, Ares, and Athena are all gonna go McCain though.



September 10th, 2008

I have a dream!

More a nightmare actually. In this nightmare I see my good friend Magerunner getting me a copy of Ragnarok for Christmas while at the same time I buy him a copy for Christmas.

.....Please God(and White Wolf) don't make me wait till Christmas for the end of the Aesir! I COULD do with waiting on he Celestial Bueracracy. I've added a 7th character to the pre-gens I take to a local convention for the one shot I'm running and could do without the paperwork adding an 8th would inevitably lead to....lol


This community has been pretty silent since I joined.

So…what sorts of Bands do y’all have? What kinds of stories are you telling?

Tell me about them.

My groups can be found on heroes_of_scion. Click the profile for pics and names, as well as many character journals divided by four campaigns and by character.

But enough about me. I am sure there are more games going strong out there, so let’s hear it.

Or you can ask me about mine. Either/or. ;-)

September 5th, 2008

I am trying to find people interested in playing in a Scion game. I am in the Atlanta, GA area.

August 19th, 2008

(no subject)

Hello folk. I just tripped over this community so will be watching it, helping people if I can. I am Grumpert on the white-wolf forum, till I can get something with my usual "Baron Samedi" handle to use the picture shortcut I use on-line

wanted to mention if your interested in actual play heroes_of_scion has PC journal entries from a grand total of 4 shared universe games, two of which I run, one of which I play in. Since its all that universe we are not adding new posters, but feel free to watch and comment. They do not go all the way back to the beginning but you can click on the characters name link to get their older entries on personal journals, they are all tagged. Plus dj_yomi is a wholly IC livejournal from one of my games.

If anyone is interested in those journals but feels a touch entangled by the PCs let me know, between them and a one shot there are like 33 though only a few have journals.

Glad I found y'all, have a good day.

June 30th, 2008

Before I go reinventing the wheel, has anyone sketched out a Scion cheat sheet? Something that lists how many ticks each action has, that sort of thing?

Or better yet, anyone seen/written a home-brew weapon listing that lists weapons like, oh, "hammer" and "longsword" instead of "Bohemian ear-spoon" and "Zhoucchi-Zan seven-blade war-spats?"

June 6th, 2008

Okay, after the release of D&D I've still somehow got a few dollars left...good thing you can still sell kidneys on e-bay! Anyone heard anything about the release of Scion Ragnarok? Amazon is expecting it around June 11, but there's nothing on the website...

April 18th, 2008

Feel free to take these for your characters. This should give you an idea of where you want to go with them lol.

We here at God Inc are delighted in your interest in becoming a God and would ask that you fill out this simple application so as to better place you in the best position for you and your pantheon.

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