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The Scion Roleplaying Game

Illusion and Frost.

The Scion Roleplaying Game


Illusion and Frost.

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Ragnarok is scheduled last time I looked for January 21st. Oddly that's the day before my birthday. What I'm looking for most in it are the three new Purviews. Frost, Illusion, and whatever they call the new Aesir pantheon power. Now I'm a believer that they'll have lists in front of Illusion and Frost stating which gods get acees to them "in parent." My question to the group is who they think will get access to them. Btw IF for some reason there isn't a listing of which gods get access to them I'm just gonna house rule em in.

My lists short though they are:

Illusion: Loki, Tezcatlipoca, Hera, Aphrodite, Bastet, Thoth, Kalfu.

Frost: Hel, Izanagi, Thor, Shango.

The problem with Frost is a lot of the pantheons in Hero come from stupidly warm climates like South America or Egypt where it doesn't snow a lot. Yes I know there are people in both the CB and Tuatha De Danan that are stated as having those powers(which is why I didn't just relist them) but I'm interested in seeing who else gets access to them. Your thoughts are welcome.


  • Frost Purview

    I also added Hades, because for some reason i have always imagined his underworld to be cold.
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